Survivor Gameplay
Description A group of individuals, or "team"
competing against one or more
"teams" in immunity challenges
and tribal council.

A Tribe is a competing team in Survivor. They exist in every single season. There can be two or more tribes in a season, but typically eventually merge into one tribe when immunity challenges become solely individual. Tribe make-up will depend on the season a tribe is in, but each season there are at least two starting tribes.


Tribes compete against one another as teams for immunity. If a tribe loses a challenge, then only the members of that tribe attend tribal council and the members vote one of their own off. Sometimes two tribes may attend tribal council in one day where one member will receive individual immunity on each tribe.

In many seasons, one tribe dominates over the other tribe in challenges, such as Tavili against Hunganga, or Andapa against Sambava. The tribe a castaway begins on can affect the entire game, present and future. Sometimes original starting tribes are changed and the tribes switch to new tribes.

Eventually when a certain number of people remain, the tribes merge into one tribe and begin fighting for individual immunity. Everyone typically attends tribal council at this stage of the game, voting someone off each round until only two or three remain.

Starting TribesEdit

Two Starting Tribes:Edit

Two starting tribes is the classic format for Survivor. Most seasons typically contain two starting tribes.

Season Starting Tribes
TongaLogo TaviliHunganga
Madagascar Logo Sambava shotAndapa shot
Survivor Brazil Logo Anta TribeJiboia Tribe
Survivor China Logo Xiong Mao TitleLong Title
Survivor Costa Rica Logo Rio Celeste TitleTenorio Title
Survivor - Exile Island Logo Floreana Main TitleMarchena Main Title
Survivor Australia - The Outback Logo Bamal Main TitleGuwing Main Title

Three Starting Tribes:Edit

Thee starting tribes was the second difference in the starting tribes in Survivor.

Season Starting Tribes
Survivor All-Stars Logo Palmares TitleUpala TitleZarcero Title
Survivor - Galapagos Logo El Sol Main TitleEscudo Main TitleSerpiente Main Title

Four Starting Tribes:Edit

Four starting tribes was the first difference in the starting tribes in Survivor.

Season Starting Tribes
Survivor Greece Logo Athena TitleAres TitleAphrodite TitleZeus Title

Merged TribesEdit

The Main Article: Merged Tribes

Special TribesEdit

Eliminated Members:Edit

Eliminated members have a shot to return to the game in some way, shape, or form.

Season Special Tribes
Survivor Greece Logo Hades Title

Special CircumstancesEdit

Tribe Captain(s):Edit

In some seasons a tribe captain may be present at any time in the pre-merge. In Survivor: Costa Rica, the two tribe captains were the first two people to step up. They selected their tribes and effectively (without knowledge) outcasted two people. Being a tribe captain can have powers and sometimes it can be just more of a label given by the tribe itself (as a First Impressions twist).

Tribe ColorsEdit

Bold Text Merged Tribe
Italic Text Dissolved Tribe
Regular Text Lasted until Merge

LoganWorm's Survivor Tribe Colors Per Season
Yellow/Gold Orange Red Magenta Purple Blue/Teal Green Brown Silver/White Black
Tonga Hunganga Athena Tavili
Madagascar Sambava Lakota Andapa
Brazil Rebeliao Jibóia Anta
China Hwang Ho Long Xiong Mao
Greece Olympus Ares Aphrodite Zeus Athena Hades
Costa Rica Tenorio Rio Celeste Alajuela
All-Stars Zarcero Upala Palmeres Termina
Galapagos El Sol Serpiente Escudo Darvinismo
Exile Island Marchena Floreana Solitario
Australia - The Outback Guwing Bamal

NNNNNNNNLoganWorm's Survivor
TongaMadagascarBrazilChinaGreeceCosta RicaAll-StarsGalapagosExile Island
LoganWorm's Survivor Tribes
Tonga Madagascar Brazil
TaviliHungangaAthena Sambava • AndapaLakota Anta • JibóiaRebeliao
China Greece Costa Rica
Xiong Mao • LongHwang Ho Athena • AresAphroditeZeus
Rio Celeste • TenorioAlajuela
All-Stars Galapagos Exile Island
PalmaresUpalaZarceroTermina El SolEscudoSerpienteDarvinismo FloreanaMarchena
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