Tribal Divisions
Salani tribe
Survivor Gameplay
Description How tribes are divided at any point
within the game.

Tribal Divisions are the divisions by how people are placed onto a tribe at the beginning of the game.


Each season begins with a set number of tribes. These tribes are all divided based on different reasons depending on the season. Tribal divisions affect the entire game because they set who originally connects or disconnects on a tribe and affects who gets voted out. People can become outcasts on their respective tribes due to their tribal division.

Types (in order of appearance)Edit


This tribe division was used in the first four seasons of the game. This can include a strategic placement from the producers, random placement, or a combination of the two. 


Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty vs. Balanced:Edit

This tribe division was seen in Survivor: Greece to divide the four starting tribes, Athena, the brains, Ares, the brawns, Aphrodite, the beauties, and Zeus, the balanced. After six days in the game, the tribes were switched and these labels no longer remained for each tribe.


Tribe Captains:Edit

Two people step up, or are selected, to become the tribe captain for each tribe. In some cases the sole purpose of the captain is to just select tribes, but in other cases the tribe captain may also have other duties/powers depending on the season.


Old vs. Middle-Aged vs. Young:Edit

This tribe division was seen in Survivor: Galapagos to divide the three starting tribes, El Sol, the young tribe, Escudo, the middle-aged tribe, and Serpiente, the old tribe.


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