The Underworld
The Underworld
Survivor Gameplay
Season Survivor: Greece
Description A twist allowing previously
voted out people to
have a chance to
re-enter the game.

The Underworld is a twist that was solely used in Survivor: Greece. It is the reason for the creation of the Hades tribe.


In the first six days of the game four people were voted out. On Day 9, the previously four voted out people returned on a new tribe, Hades, for a shot to re-enter the game. For two people to re-enter, the Hades tribe would have to win a challenge against three other swapped tribes, Athena, Aphrodite, and Zeus. If Hades did not win, only one person would return. Hades did win the challenge and that allowed two people to return.

Hades then attended tribal council where they had two votes to cast: one for a different person each. Jacob C. and Jacob S. returned to the game because they had the most votes out of the four people on the Hades tribe and Cory has the distinction of not receiving any votes to re-enter the game.


Among players, the twist received mixed reception. The idea that people could return without the knowledge beforehand was a controversial topic and one that some people feel is mostly unfair. The twist changed the game dramatically and some players felt it changed the game too dramtically. Audience reception was mostly positive-saying that the twist made the season more interesting.

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