FANDOM Survivor
New Series
Logo Creator LoganWorm
Genre Reality Competition
Created by  LoganWorm
Starring Survivor Castaways
Country of Origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of Seasons 21
No. of Episodes 274
Original Run March 12th, 2012 - Present
Original Site Tengaged Groups
Related Shows Survivor
Big Brother Big Brother

LoganWorm's Survivor Series, also referred to as LW's Survivor Series, is a Survivor that takes a list of names and randomly puts them through to figure out the placings. 

It's run on the Tengaged website along with the actual Survivor Series on the website. The wikia format follows the same format. The version of the Survivor Series uses locations that the real series either will never use or is very unlikely to use. 

The biggest appeal of the series is the wikia and the intros that are created, however the intros stopped after Season 3, The Amazon.

The game tries to express twists and follows a format where the tables show alliances were created and put into the formula and it wasn't totally A much more complicated scheme, which overall is random, but in a different setup, is used for the show.

The show is run on a blog and does not have a group, like Survivor and Big Brother do. This is similar to Big Brother in setup.


# Name Location Tribes Winner Runner-Up(s) Vote Notes
1 Survivor: Borneo Pulau TigaSabah, Malaysia Two tribes of eight TDO Eight Chase Hal 7-0 The first season with a unanimous vote in the finals.
2 Survivor: Thailand Ko Tarutao, Satun Province, Thailand Erik Strada Tyrone Lemjam 5-2 The first time the immunity necklace was given up at tribal council.
3 Survivor: The Amazon Rio Negro, Amazon Basin, Brazil Milly Zipe Dante Charlie 4-3 The first time a tribal switch occurred
4 Survivor: Solomon Islands San CristobalMakira Ulawa,
Solomon Islands
Sandra Clan Matt Kwon 4-3 The first time a contestant was evacuated due to injuries.
5 Survivor: Cook Islands Aitutaki, Cook Islands Four tribes of four Pamela Rose Ethan Thou 4-3 The first time a season began with four individual tribes.
6 Survivor: Faroe Islands - Land of the Vikings SandurFaroe Islands Jason Dragon Mellisa McNulty 4-3 The first time someone quit the game.
7 Survivor: All-Stars Three tribes of six returning players TDO Eight Marissa Swampy 4-3 The first time a season began with three individual tribes. The first time that former castaways returned. The first time a castaway won two seasons. The first time the game began with eighteen castaways.
8 Survivor: The Canadian Wilderness Bob Creek Wildland, AlbertaCanada Two tribes of nine Josephina Alexis Jake Herod 7-2 The first time a season began with two tribes of nine people. Introduced the hidden immunity idol. The first time there were nine jury members.
9 Survivor: Morocco - Merged Western High Atlas
National Park, Morocco
Two tribes of eight Jack Xo Malcolm Kiefer 4-3 Introduced the Inside Merge Twist. The only season to feature two merges.
10 Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden Wonga-Wongue Presidential Reserve, Estuaire, Gabon, Africa Two tribes of nine including two returning players Camila Choo Nick Mana Karter Kanton 4-2-1 The first season to feature a final three. The first season to have returning castaways against new castaways. Started a trend where two seasons were filmed in the same location.
11 Survivor: Second Chances Four tribes of five returning players Jackie Queen Glinda Nessarose &
Malcolm Kiefer
6-2-2 The first season to feature twenty castaways. The first season to feature players who have played twice before. The first season to feature a jury of ten.
12 Survivor: Philippines CaramoanCamarines SurPhilippines Three tribes of six including three returning players Malcolm Kiefer Natalie Auraliona Chelsea Allen 4-3-2 The first season since All-Stars to feature three starting tribes. The first season to feature a merge at eleven.
13 Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites Two tribes of ten: fans against popular past castaways Jason Dragon Hope Uchicha Natalie Auraliona 4-3-0 The first season to begin with two tribes of ten. The first season to feature half of the cast being returning players and the other half being new players.
14 Survivor: Redemption Island Rio Negro, Amazon Basin, Brazil Three tribes of six Logan Smith Lee Nelson Andy Ross 5-3-0 Introduced Redemption Island. The first season to feature a jury of eight.
15 Survivor: Samoa Upolu, Samoa Two tribes of ten Alycia Deblasio Lori Torsiello Gilberto Harris 6-3-0 No significant notes.
16 Survivor: One World Two tribes of nine Alexandra Boss Justin Jerome Christain Hippo 7-2-0 Featured two tribes living on the same beach.
17 Survivor: Fiji Macuata ProvinceVanua Levu, Fiji Two tribes of eight Gerry Norman Lorraine Bender 4-3 The first season to use the purple rock tiebreaker.
18 Survivor: Panama - Exile Island Pearl IslandsPanama Three tribes of five selected by schoolyard pick with one person exiled Tanner Hansen Karina Evans Victoria Zunicas 4-2-1 Introduced Exile Island. The first season to have a castaway not have a starting tribe.
19 Survivor: Pearl Islands Two tribes of nine selected by two returning players Manor Gorde Sativa Jones Dean Martin 6-2-1 The first season to feature returning players, Redemption Island, and Exile Island in the same season.
20 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Upolu, Samoa Two tribes of ten returning players, divided by "hero" or "villain" status Logan Smith Amanda Friedrich &
Victoria Zunicas
7-1-1 The first season to feature a fire-making tiebreaker in the final four.
21 Survivor: South Pacific Two tribes of nine Brian Rose Ana Lee & Tara Muniz 5-2-2 The first season to feature Redemption Island in a two tribe format with no returning players.
22 Survivor: Cagayan Palaui Island, Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines Three tribes of six divided by primary attribute: "brawn" vs. "brains" vs. "beauty" Odayls Alavarez-Martinez Eleanor Lieder 6-3 The first season to feature an all-female final five.
23 Survivor: Santa Ana - Blood vs. Water Nine pairs of new players, each with a pre-existing relationship, divided onto two tribes of nine Grayson Bakken Sonja Pearson Alexis Pearson 5-4-0 The first season to feature players who were related one another. The first season to feature two blood relatives in the Final Tribal Council.

List of CastawaysEdit

     Castaway played the game for a second time.
     Castaway played the game for a third time.
     Castaway played the game for a fourth time.

Name Karma Color Username Season Finish
Anda Larew 1191 Gold andalarew_2231 Borneo 16th
Josh Josh 211 Purple JoshJosh123 Borneo 15th
Unit Eight 2038 TV Star Unit8890 Borneo 14th
Allison Gloss 27 Yellow Gloss Borneo 13th
Kindly Cruel 1179 Gold kindlycruel1 Borneo 12th
Yoshi One 199 Blue yoshi9999 Borneo 11th
Stefan Rebel 2016 TV Star Rebelman2227 Borneo 10th
Ash Bruv 210 Blue BigBruv Borneo 9th
Sam Sam 174 Blue SamSam14 Borneo 8th
Marissa Swampy 1338 Gold 1Swampy8 Borneo 7th
David Steel 421 Black Steel Borneo 6th
Boo Yoob 147 Orange Booyahhayoob Borneo 5th
Priscilla Ying 383 Black Yingyang Borneo 4th
Mathew Gentle 163 Orange GentlemanG Borneo 3rd
Chase Hal 7 White halcyon Borneo Runner-Up
TDO Eight 163 Orange TDO88 Borneo Sole Survivor
Mykel Cheep 145 Light Green CheapCheep Thailand 16th
Glam Christina 11 White Glam Thailand 15th
Davie Willy 280 Brown daviewilly Thailand 14th
Glinda Nessarose 42 Yellow Glinda Thailand 13th
Jake Hou 204 Purple jakehou97 Thailand 12th
Borba Jets 2169 Gold JetsRock12 Thailand 11th
Nailah Zero 328 Blue nailah0827 Thailand 10th
Hayley Zero 191 Blue Hayley03 Thailand 9th
Sean Sahmo 263 Orange sahmosean Thailand 8th
Jeff Aimers 292 Blue aimers Thailand 7th
AJ Rockslide 510 Black Rockslide Thailand 6th
Alis Shark 298 Blue sharkskin Thailand 5th
Jennifer Ciere 218 Purple woahciere Thailand 4th
Lawrence Inkread 1432 Sky Inkread Thailand 3rd
Tyrone Lemjam 737 Silver Lemjam6 Thailand Runner-Up
Erik Strada 313 Brown EEstrada17 Thailand Sole Survivor
Ben Dover 190 Orange kevmicester200076 The Amazon 16th
Pheme Pliya 0 White Pheme The Amazon 15th
Bix One 1279 Silver Bix123 The Amazon 14th
Jonathan Rey 539 Red JGoodies The Amazon 13th
JT Todd 153 Green BassAbsol The Amazon 12th
Hendrix Tistic 103 Green dragotistic The Amazon 11th
Hinata Hyuga 1330 Sky hinata0014 The Amazon 10th
Maxi One 919 Silver Maxi1234 The Amazon 9th
Seekay Eleven 182 Blue CK11 The Amazon 8th
Horror Bull 363 Red Horror_Bull_710 The Amazon 7th
Alina Alexander 279 Brown Alyxandra The Amazon 6th
Zelif Mork 1043 Gold MORKMINDY The Amazon 5th
Nick "NB" Killer 1469 Sky nbkiller The Amazon 4th
Bo Ling 249 Brown bowling4fun The Amazon 3rd
Dante Charlie 164 Orange charliescene0214 The Amazon Runner-Up
Milly Zipe 800 Silver Millzipede The Amazon Sole Survivor
Latrocye Mignon 54 Yellow deshonBANNEDISBACK Solomon Islands 16th
Jenn Elle 445 Purple jenniferr Solomon Islands 15th
Bob Beasto 3 White ElBeasto Solomon Islands 14th
Emma Lynn 132 Orange sportygirl22 Solomon Islands 13th
Logan Bon 352 Black SkillzDatKillz Solomon Islands 12th
Ethan Hentzl 249 Green Ethan000 Solomon Islands 11th
Camila Choo 58 Orange choochoo Solomon Islands 10th
Jack "Jette" Taylor 34 Yellow JETTEJ Solomon Islands 9th
Rumtin Aidun 131 Light Green Rumtin Solomon Islands 8th
Phillip Tinga 248 Red l0_0l Solomon Islands 7th
Kamika Johnston 15 Yellow KamiLynne Solomon Islands 6th
Jeremy Brenner 30 Yellow _JB_ Solomon Islands 5th
Meh "Weber" Weber  48 Yellow justdontevictme Solomon Islands 4th
Kenny Yzen 0 White KMan Solomon Islands 3rd
Matt Kwon 284 Brown mattkwon1 Solomon Islands Runner-Up
Sandra Clan 68 Yellow Kantus Solomon Islands Sole Survivor
Laci Lee-Tomkins 0 White LongIslandLolita Cook Islands 16th
John Dramalover 497 Red Fern111 Cook Islands 15th
Johanna Typhoon 1616 Sky DarkTyphoon23 Cook Islands 14th
Greg Re 109 Light Green ergerg88 Cook Islands 13th
Connor "CJ" Uddy 308 Red cjuddy Cook Islands 12th
Sky Walker 5 White skywalker Cook Islands 11th
Kelly Yaxha 446 Black Yaxha Cook Islands 10th
Crystal Heart 78 Orange CrsytalHeart Cook Islands 9th
Gracie Ribbons 131 Blue Ribbons Cook Islands 8th
Ricky Gervais 31 Orange Ace99 Cook Islands 7th
Mojo Surb 15 White MojoSurb Cook Islands 6th
Dylan BT 16 White DylanBT Cook Islands 5th
Oooo Bobitha 51 Yellow oobobo Cook Islands 4th
Andrew Yohan 76 Orange yohan47013 Cook Islands 3rd
Ethan Thou 99 Orange thewinner Cook Islands Runner-Up
Pamela Rose 93 Light Green Ontario Cook Islands Sole Survivor
Parrot Jean 0 White parrot560 Faroe Islands 16th
Vanessa Del Rocco 0 White iwillsurvive626 Faroe Islands 15th
Ryan Giovanni 78 Yellow Tundra Faroe Islands 14th
Griffen Eastham 312 Orange Crazy_Clown123 Faroe Islands 13th
Ryder Johnson 70 Yellow BBobsessor Faroe Islands 12th
Jackie Queen 333 Dark Green qt3pt14 Faroe Islands 11th
Joe Kerr 78 Light Green Joeker Faroe Islands 10th
Jack Ion 85 Light Green ItsaMeJack Faroe Islands 9th
Jake Soo 58 Yellow JakeD Faroe Islands 8th
Stacy Kimball 105 Yellow BigBrotherFan132 Faroe Islands 7th
Summer Yui 154  Blue Zircon Faroe Islands 6th
Vanessa Del Pruitt 427 Black superkevin79 Faroe Islands 5th
JD Spider 218 Light Green jman96 Faroe Islands 4th
Darcy Pillipow 1097 Gold Boots22 Faroe Islands 3rd
Mellisa McNulty 340 Brown Ditzy Faroe Islands Runner-Up
Jason Dragon 50 Yellow DragonJason Faroe Islands Sole Survivor
Jeremy Brenner 30 Orange _JB_ All-Stars 18th
Matt Kwon 382 Black mattkwon1 All-Stars 17th
Nick "NB" Killer 1560 Blood nbkiller All-Stars 16th
Erik Strada 446 Black EEstrada17 All-Stars 15th
Alis Shark 298 Blue sharkskin All-Stars 14th
Crystal Heart 78 Orange CrsytalHeart All-Stars 13th
Milly Zipe 800 Silver Millzipede All-Stars 12th
Sandra Clan 71 Light Green Kantus All-Stars 11th
Jennifer Ciere 224 Red woahciere All-Stars 10th
David Steel 619 Silver Steel All-Stars 9th
Alina Alexander 285 Brown Alyxandra All-Stars 8th
Vanessa Del Pruitt 427 Black superkeven79 All-Stars 7th
Mellisa McNulty 340 Brown Ditzy All-Stars 6th
Oooo Bobitha 51 Yellow oobobo All-Stars 5th
Stacy Kimball 105 Yellow BigBrotherFan132 All-Stars 4th
Pamela Rose 100 Light Green Ontario All-Stars 3rd
Marissa Swampy 1338 Gold 1Swampy8 All-Stars Runner-Up
TDO Eight 169 Light Green TDO88 All-Stars Sole Survivor
Ariana Lassi 275 Light Green lassidoggy The Canadian Wilderness 18th
Andrew Turney 2130 Sky turney1805 The Canadian Wilderness 17th
Michelle Tracjac 292 Brown thetrackerjackers The Canadian Wilderness 16th
Hank Tedlo 19 Yellow worm178 The Canadian Wilderness 15th
Talla Kit 545 Black KitKat24 The Canadian Wilderness 14th
Bengal Bei 3115 TV Star BengalBoy The Canadian Wilderness 13th
Shaqeefa Mixon 472 Black coltsfan876 The Canadian Wilderness 12th
Daniele Blue 255 Brown Iceyblue52 The Canadian Wilderness 11th
Zach Besa 671 Silver Zbase4 The Canadian Wilderness 10th
Dono Rex 1019 Silver donosaurus_rex The Canadian Wilderness 9th
Patrick Threone 2521 Blood Patrick319 The Canadian Wilderness 8th
Andly Monte 3771 TV Star amf7410 The Canadian Wilderness 7th
Jeremy Cromatique 92 Dark Green Cromatique The Canadian Wilderness 6th
Turner San 1258 Gold TBIbetch The Canadian Wilderness 5th
Nick Brady 434 Black NickBrad97 The Canadian Wilderness 4th
Rhodes Jakart 365 Black dragotistic The Canadian Wilderness 3rd
Jake Herod 296 Brown BestHeroD The Canadian Wilderness Runner-Up
Josephina Alexis 165 Light Green JosephinaAlexis The Canadian Wilderness Sole Survivor
Jacob Gustavo 136 Blue massgustavo95 Morocco 16th
Sky Winter 783 Black skyforce25 Morocco 15th
Markena Kyng 310 Brown Alyxandra Morocco 14th
Bonsha Queefa 203 Red borisXborisette Morocco 13th
Janelle Rae 33 Yellow JaneIIe Morocco 12th
Wayne Oliver 402 Black tommarkoliver Morocco 11th
Ben Lin 76 Light Green illwinthis Morocco 10th
Gabe May 2036 Gold Gabriel24 Morocco 9th
Christian Skye 422 Black HipposUnite Morocco 8th
Emerson Green 372 Brown JoshJosh123 Morocco 7th
Frans Dap 155 Light Green fradprad Morocco 6th
Kelly Bean 0 White Beanie845 Morocco 5th
Jacobi Sudo 319 Blue SuDoYu Morocco 4th
Ryan Andy 137 Dark Green KidA Morocco 3rd
Malcolm Kiefer 365 Black dragotistic Morocco Runner-Up
Jack Xo 408 Black XoXU Morocco Sole Survivor
Mango Hunti 203 Red borisXborisette Gabon 18th
Melanie Rose 165 Light Green JosephinaAlexis Gabon 17th
K.J. Kaj 836 Silver jakehou97 Gabon 16th
Weezy Krazy 997 Black WeezyFKrazy Gabon 15th
Matt Trump 146 Light Green piperjr Gabon 14th
Gabe May 2039 Sky Gabriel24 Gabon 13th
Cassandra Halea 312 Brown Alyxandra Gabon 12th
Cole Ley 73 Light Green Coyle14 Gabon 11th
Sugar Kiper 275 Light Green lassidoggy Gabon 10th
Jay Ambrose 365 Black dragotistic Gabon 9th
Cirie Fields 429 Black HipposUnite Gabon 8th
Trey Tuhr 155 Blue treyhurt13 Gabon 7th
Lilly Mass 136 Blue massgustavo95 Gabon 6th
Chloe Ox 268 Light Green Chloeox Gabon 5th
Taylor Louis 1732 Gold TaylorStLouis Gabon 4th
Karter Kanton 56 Yellow Skyhawk Gabon 2nd Runner-Up
Nick Mana 383 Brown manalord Gabon Runner-Up
Camila Choo 58 Orange choochoo Gabon Sole Survivor
Matt Kwon 785 Black mattkwon1 Second Chances 20th
Ethan Hentzl 743 Silver Ethan000 Second Chances 19th
Priscilla Ying 572 Black Yingyang Second Chances 18th
Melanie Rose 187 Dark Green JosephinaAlexis Second Chances 17th
Turner San 1635 Sky TBIbetch Second Chances 16th
Anda Larew 1703 Gold andalarew_2231 Second Chances 15th
Crystal Heart 91 Orange CrsytalHeart Second Chances 14th
Jeff Aimers 1527 Sky aimers Second Chances 13th
Jack "Jette" Taylor 35 Orange JETTEJ Second Chances 12th
Ethan Thou 188 Purple thewinner Second Chances 11th
Dante Charlie 178 Orange charliescene0214 Second Chances 10th
Jake Herod 301 Brown BestHeroD Second Chances 9th
Bo Ling 301 Brown bowling4fun Second Chances 8th
Emerson Green 372 Black JoshJosh123 Second Chances 7th
Gabe May 2413 Sky Gabriel24 Second Chances 6th
Kelly Yaxha 1552 Sky Yaxha Second Chances 5th
Summer Yui 161 Blue Zircon Second Chances 4th
Malcolm Kiefer 368 Black dragotistic Second Chances Runner-Up
Glinda Nessarose 169 Light Green Glinda Second Chances Runner-Up
Jackie Queen 434 Black qt3pt14 Second Chances Sole Survivor
Tina Price 237 Purple cheerleader18 Philippines 18th
John Johnson 689 Silver user5 Philippines 17th
Brian Long 12 White bclrocks3398 Philippines 16th
Snip Yung 389 Orange Yung_Snipz Philippines 15th
Lucy Bailey 1051 Black LucyMcG1 Philippines 14th
Janelle Lynn 347 Blue Lynette Philippines 13th
Marissa Swampy 1962 Blood 1Swampy8 Philippines 12th
James Lachie 1603 Gold Lachie227 Philippines 11th
Nick Mana 383 Black manalord Philippines 10th
Hope Uchicha 76 Orange HopefulWonder5 Philippines 9th
Jacob Canary 291 Brown minidude13 Philippines 8th
Jonathon Damian 10488 TV Star BbDamian Philippines 7th
Megan Lee 7346 TV Star Megan Philippines 6th
Hope "Jill" Johnson 175 Light Green Glinda Philippines 5th
Jack Burkett 191 Light Green burkett8975 Philippines 4th
Chelsea Allen 1430 Sky chelss Philippines 2nd Runner-Up
Natalie Auraliona 0 White TheLoveliestBitch Philippines Runner-Up
Malcolm Kiefer 368 Black dragotistic Philippines Sole Survivor
Sarah Fisher 255 Orange Sarah48 Caramoan 20th
Farah Tucker 18 White bigbrotherlove Caramoan 19th
Andrew Yohan 76 Orange yohan47013 Caramoan 18th
Chase Hal 92 Orange halcyon Caramoan 17th
Melissa Lee 303 Brown cereal222 Caramoan 16th
Christina Ellis 4298 TV Star Diva1 Caramoan 15th
Reynolds Carson 368 Black dragotistic Caramoan 14th
Lacey Lene 37 Yellow lalalene Caramoan 13th
Chloe Ox 351 Dark Green Chloeox Caramoan 12th
Frans Dap 186 Purple fradpad Caramoan 11th
Dino Sauro 218 Light Green Dinosauro27 Caramoan 10th
Rich Johnson 102 Dark Green Zed55 Caramoan 9th
Josephina Alexis 301 Red JosephinaAlexis Caramoan 8th
Rupert Boneham 427 Black animorphlover3 Caramoan 7th
Jacobi Sudo 711 Black SuDoYu Caramoan 6th
Karter Kanton 70 Orange Skyhawk Caramoan 5th
Jordyn Stick 1169 Silver Stick Caramoan 4th
Natalie Auraliona 0 White TheLoveliestBitch Caramoan 2nd Runner-Up
Hope Uchicha 116 Light Green HopefulWonder5 Caramoan Runner-Up
Jason Dragon 192 Purple DragonJason Caramoan Sole Survivor
Norman White 0 White None Redemption Island 18th
Brad Hutchinson 0 White None Redemption Island 17th
Clifford Wilde 0 White None Redemption Island 16th
Erik Leak 0 White None Redemption Island 15th
Evangilena Hines 0 White None Redemption Island 14th
Oscar Johnson 0 White None Redemption Island 13th
Carmen Whitworth 0 White None Redemption Island 12th
Jenni Swordsti 0 White None Redemption Island 11th
Tara Wolfe 0 White None Redemption Island 10th
Chun Loo 0 White None Redemption Island 9th
Alyse Ketcham 0 White None Redemption Island 8th
Vesta Bates 0 White None Redemption Island 7th
Amanda Friedrich 0 White None Redemption Island 6th
Molly Marlin 0 White None Redemption Island 5th
Seth Ryan 0 White None Redemption Island 4th
Andy Ross 0 White None Redemption Island 2nd Runner-Up
Lee Nelson 0 White None Redemption Island Runner-Up
Logan Smith 0 White None Redemption Island Sole Survivor
Jeffery Gress 0 White None Samoa 20th
Maude Thomas 0 White None Samoa 19th
Cruz Fedderson 0 White None Samoa 18th
Allegra Farrow 0 White None Samoa 17th
Anderson Jurado 0 White None Samoa 16th
Robbie Fortier 0 White None Samoa 15th
Jerrod Hubbell 0 White None Samoa 14th
Melisa Prange 0 White None Samoa 13th
Jamee Bothwell 0 White None Samoa 12th
Marquitta Weisinger 0 White None Samoa 11th
Amira McClendon 0 White None Samoa 10th
Vinita Pietsch 0 White None Samoa 9th
Sofia Dunston 0 White None Samoa 8th
Ulysses McKibben 0 White None Samoa 7th
Darrel Lackner 0 White None Samoa 6th
Maynard Koss 0 White None Samoa 5th
Willy Daum 0 White None Samoa 4th
Gilberto Harris 0 White None Samoa 2nd Runner-Up
Lori Torsiello 0 White None Samoa Runner-Up
Alycia Deblasio 0 White None Samoa Sole Survivor
Sapphire Timmons 1 White Omenn One World 18th
James Shirai 58 Orange Fobbyiyg One World 17th
Oliver Grubb 1304 Gold MrPokeguy9 One World 16th
Dick Johnson 78 Light Green Joeker One World 15th
Hyoyeon Kim 4722 TV Star Kooldude1991 One World 14th
Anthony Chung 258 Light Green rawr121 One World 13th
Mike Hunt 112 Dark Green survivornerd One World 12th
Joshie Jay 401 Black JoshJosh123 One World 11th
Max Maylan 46 Yellow NightOwl One World 10th
Jeremy Wong 127 Orange Jeremybb One World 9th
Michonne Johnson 548 Brown _Adidas_ One World 8th
Samuel Larson 991 Silver SamSam14 One World 7th
Seohyun Joo 2691 Blood 1Swampy8 One World 6th
Ethan Knight 951 Silver Ethan000 One World 5th
Valerie Hirshire 137 Blue Mantyke One World 4th
Christian Hippo 1107 Gold HipposUnite One World 2nd Runner-Up
Justin Jerome 97 Yellow Justunreal One World Runner-Up
Alexandra Boss 335 Brown Alyxandra One World Sole Survivor
Shaniqua Martin 162 Blue Seth2010 Fiji 16th
Karina Verdin 0 White None Fiji 15th
Billy Falker 46 Yellow NightOwl Fiji 14th
Tyeshia Tompson 281 Blue JoelW55 Fiji 13th
Jackie Gardner 2660 TV Star LiteCitrus Fiji 12th
Ryan Lochte 1681 Sky yswimmer96 Fiji 11th
Alexis Maxwell 310 Brown CK11 Fiji 10th
Zach Crawson 264 Purple zachboy967 Fiji 9th
Hazel Sumtins 172 Blue massgustavo95 Fiji 8th
Ryan "Rex" Rosas 368 Black dragotistic Fiji 7th
Mike Litoris 115 Dark Green survivornerd Fiji 6th
J'Tia Taylor 158 Light Green DatBlackGuy Fiji 5th
Dina Brauddus 102 Dark Green tdiloka Fiji 4th
Tony Impostore 230 Blue raemchorus Fiji 3rd
Lorraine Bender 2896 Sky BoyToy4Cato Fiji Runner-Up
Gerry Norman 107 Orange Justunreal Fiji Sole Survivor
Hugh Jazz 117 Dark Green survivornerd Panama 16th
Brad Wendt 934 Silver BaronDC Panama 15th
Katie Sanchez 0 White KatieDreamz Panama 14th
Jeremy Jumaeu 134 Orange Jeremybb Panama 13th
Ej Colorado 401 Black JoshJosh123 Panama 12th
Alali Quen 335 Brown Alyxandra Panama 11th
Lolli Japoli 273 Brown noraw6842 Panama 10th
David Davidson 15 Yellow Euro Panama 9th
Mike Bruce 1921 Blood MTman Panama 8th
Riley Smith 220 Orange bigbrothermaniac Panama 7th
Austin Green 1580 Sky Spinner554 Panama 6th
Rj Hamilton 1177 Gold Ryan_Jambe Panama 5th
Aidan Innes 186 Orange aidanmac22 Panama 4th
Victoria Zunicas 182 Blue massgustavo95 Panama 2nd Runner-Up
Karina Evans 210 Red Glinda Panama Runner-Up
Tanner Hansen 89 Yellow tdogg1543 Panama Sole Survivor
Andrew Donovan 1196 Gold donosaurus_rex Pearl Islands 18th
Kay'La Jester 335 Brown Alyxandra Pearl Islands 17th
Analia Patroothsa 189 Blue massgustavo95 Pearl Islands 16th
Bubba Gump 94 Light Green Duffybutt11 Pearl Islands 15th
David Still 2289 TV Star Steel Pearl Islands 14th
Gigi Holman 0 White None Pearl Islands 13th
Aj Innes 187 Orange aidanmac22 Pearl Islands 12th
Jeff Probst 78 Light Green Joeker Pearl Islands 11th
Mikey Grayten 174 Blue PeaceOut14 Pearl Islands 10th
Jen Cakes 0 White largemarge69 Pearl Islands 9th
Valerie Hirshire 137 Blue Mantyke Pearl Islands 8th
Jenni Swordsti 0 White None Pearl Islands 7th
Terrance Broman 75 Light Green snelly Pearl Islands 6th
Annalisa Alvarado 106 Dark Green tdiloka Pearl Islands 5th
Bubbles Upland 210 Red Glinda Pearl Islands 4th
Dean Morin 0 White None Pearl Islands 2nd Runner-Up
Sativa Jones 310 Brown CK11 Pearl Islands Runner-Up
Manor Gorde 114 Orange Justunreal Pearl Islands Sole Survivor
Bubbles Upland 290 Red Glinda Heroes vs. Villains 20th
Christian Hippo 1107 Gold HipposUnite Heroes vs. Villains 19th
Chun Loo 0 White None Heroes vs. Villains 18th
Karter Kanton 110 Orange Skyhawk Heroes vs. Villains 17th
Ethan Knight 951 Silver Ethan000 Heroes vs. Villains 16th
Lorraine Bender 3059 Sky BoyToy4Cato Heroes vs. Villains 15th
Hazel Sumtins 234 Purple massgustavo95 Heroes vs. Villains 14th
Austin Green 1580 Sky Spinner554 Heroes vs. Villains 13th
Jake Herod 319 Brown BestHeroD Heroes vs. Villains 12th
Natalie Auraliona 0 White TheLoveliestBitch Heroes vs. Villains 11th
Hope Uchicha 169 Blue HopefulWonder5 Heroes vs. Villains 10th
Lee Nelson 0 White None Heroes vs. Villains 9th
Darrel Lackner 0 White None Heroes vs. Villains 8th
Pamela Rose 262 Brown Ontario Heroes vs. Villains 7th
Maynard Koss 0 White None Heroes vs. Villains 6th
Jacobi Sudo 739 Black SuDoYu Heroes vs. Villains 5th
Vanessa Del Pruitt 529 Black superkevin79 Heroes vs. Villains 4th
Victoria Zunicas 234 Purple massgustavo95 Heroes vs. Villains Runner-Up
Amanda Friedrich 0 White None Heroes vs. Villains Runner-Up
Logan Smith 0 White None Heroes vs. Villains Sole Survivor
Tabitha Vega 0 White None South Pacific 18th
Anthony Grube 454 Red rawr121 South Pacific 17th
Jayson Tool 401 Black JoshJosh123 South Pacific 16th
Jean-Marc LeMaire 377 Black dragotistic South Pacific 15th
Robert Guajardo 802 Silver RobertGuajardo South Pacific 14th
Harriet Fu 140 Light Green Jeremybb South Pacific 13th
Yoslien Rose 20 Yellow CharlieBibi South Pacific 12th
Seth Wite 416 Yellow Timmay South Pacific 11th
Timothy Sweeny 277 Brown Survivor233 South Pacific 10th
Tina Wean 1865 Sky jojo7784 South Pacific 9th
Logan Mitch 362 Black massgustavo95 South Pacific 8th
Santana Jones 369 Black BBobsessor South Pacific 7th
Stephanie "Steff" Marie 310 Brown CK11 South Pacific 6th
Lindsay Day 412 Black zachboy967 South Pacific 5th
Nora Wera 287 Brown Noraw6842 South Pacific 4th
Tara Muniz 340 Brown Alyxandra South Pacific Runner-Up
Ana Lee 524 Black GA097 South Pacific Runner-Up
Brian Rose 290 Red Glinda South Pacific Sole Survivor
Bernard Povia 242 Blue raemchorus Cagayan 18th
Eddie Carlson 271 Light Green Baseball03 Cagayan 17th
Emma Hendrickson 443 Black massgustavo95 Cagayan 16th
Bennett Anderson 323 Brown coolnarwhal88 Cagayan 15th
Morgan McLeod 174 Light Green DatBlackGuy Cagayan 14th
Michael Pickle 96 Light Green MicklePickle Cagayan 13th
Christa Kelly 0 White None Cagayan 12th
Matthew "Matt" Bakken 0 White None Cagayan 11th
Evan Pankow 0 White None Cagayan 10th
Sage Boatman 0 White None Cagayan 9th
Sam Bridges 0 White None Cagayan 8th
Emma DeGrood 34 Yellow coolKat Cagayan 7th
Raymond McHenry 183 Light Green LoopyCoco1 Cagayan 6th
Brittany Young 292 Red Glinda Cagayan 5th
Emily "E-Roz" Roznowski 0 White None Cagayan 4th
Emiley Kinney 165 Light Green CharlieBibi Cagayan 3rd
Eleanor Lieder 0 White None Cagayan Runner-Up
Odayls Alvarez-Martinez 0 White None Cagayan Sole Survivor

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