Hwang Ho
Hwang Ho Title
Season China
Namesake Chinese for
"Yellow River"
Tribe Type Merged tribe
Day Formed Day 21
Tribes Merged      Xiong Mao
Lowest Placing Member Matt (9/16)
Highest Placing Member Newz (Winner)
Hwang Ho Flag
China Merged Tribe Buff

Hwang Ho was the merged tribe in Survivor: China. The tribe was created when the tribes merged on Day 21 and the tribe color is yellow.


NewzJoey T.Jette
Danny S.GlindaDanny P.

Old Newz
Joey Tortellini
Jack "Jette" Tones
Danny Shadow
Glinda Nessarose
Danny Phillips
Chris Stoner
Cory Chambers
Matt Bradley

Trivia (On Tribe & Members)Edit

  • Hwang Ho is the first yellow merged tribe.
  • Hwang Ho is the first merged tribe to be named after a geographical location.
  • Hwang Ho is the first tribe to merge at nine.
  • Hwang Ho's flag is the first to feature a drawing (which is a river).
  • The tribe name was suggested by Joey Tortellini.
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