Hidden Immunity Idol
Athena + Zeus Hidden Immunity Idol
The first idol to be played at Tribal Council.
Survivor Gameplay
Description An immunity idol which can
be played before the votes are
read to save a castaway.

The Hidden Immunity Idol is a special type of immunity idol which is found at a camp at any given time during camp life by a castaway and able to be played before the votes are ready to void votes cast against a castaway. It was first seen in Survivor: Greece.

The Hidden Immunity Idol is a notorious twist because it can bring great power to a player in the game. 


The Hidden Immunity Idol is referred to as the, "idol", "HII", "Hidden Immunity", and "Immunity Idol" by most castaways. Depending on the season, idols are hidden somewhere around camp (either by searching a time within a 24 hour time period, by searching a place on Tengaged, or by searching on a board given).

Sometimes the idol can be difficult to find, so an idol clue is given to the castaways to help them significantly. The idol clue can also be given to make castaways anticipate an idol find or cause controversy. Sometimes clues are given within challenges as a temptation, or in some seasons they can be given to the winning team/tribe(s). In some seasons clues are progressive and in others they lead straight to the idol.

Idols by SeasonEdit

Season Idol Holder Day Found Status
Greece Athena + Zeus Hidden Immunity Idol
Hidden at the Athena and Zeus camp.
Steve B. (2Beastly)
Day 3
There's Nowhere To Hide
Played on Day 25.
Ares + Aphrodite Hidden Immunity Idol
Hidden at the Ares and Aphrodite camp.
Was not found.
Costa Rica Hidden Immunity Idol - Rio Celeste
Hidden at the Rio Celeste camp.
Alyssa Redd Carswell (Vivor)
Day 3
The Road Ahead
Played on Day 9.
Hidden Immunity Idol - Tenorio
Hidden at the Tenorio camp.
Was not found.


Hidden Immunity Idols are considered as "personal items," thus cannot be stolen from its owner, as stated in the Survivor Rulebook. If the owner hides his or her idol for safekeeping, and someone else finds it, the latter may not take it.

In case of a tie, if the player who possesses an idol is subjected to a tie vote, he or she may not use his or her idol in the second round of voting.

If the players who have votes all use a Hidden Immunity Idol, and turns out they are the only players who have votes, the vote will be considered null, and a revote would commence, where the players must vote for someone else other than the idol users and the player who won the Immunity Challenge.


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