First Impressions
First Impressions
Survivor Gameplay
Description Tribes must vote somebody
out of the tribe at the
beginning of the game
based on first impressions alone.

First Impressions is a twist originated from Survivor: Greece. At the beginning of the game one person is voted out of each tribe, but typically the elimination is unofficial and someone is given a special condition instead.


First Impressions is used to show who is an Outcast at the beginning of the game. In the case of Survivor: Greece, the four Outcasted members had a chance to search for the idol the entire time before their tribe came back to camp from the challenge and they were also exempt from the first immunity challenge because of it. 

This twist can put targets on people's backs or create Second Chances based on the conditions for the Outcasted members. Sometimes people can be directly eliminated from this twist.


Twist HistoryEdit

Season Victim Vote
There's Nowhere to Hide
Jacob K. (Kpnna)
Jacob K.
Nash (BigDude)
Stephen J. (SimvivoRWay)
Stephen J.
Jodi (JodiRollins)
Costa Rica
The Road Ahead
Adam Orians (Anoreoz897)
Destiny Marshall (panda6785)
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