Back to Basics
S1 cast 1
Survivor Gameplay
Description Going back to the format of Tonga.

Back to Basics is a phrase used to represent a season of Survivor where no prominent twists occurred from start to finish. An example of this is in the pre-merge where there are two tribes and they don't have a tribe switch the entire duration and then they merge.


For the first two seasons, there were no twists in the game. However the "Back to Basics" phrase would be used to reference a later season without twists because they were reverting to "basic", classic, Survivor. Sometimes this phrase is used to reference two tribes of eight with a merge at ten, seven jury members, and a final two without hidden immunity idols in play, but this phrase may also represent later seasons when the standard is two tribes of nine with the hidden immunity idol in play, however officially it means the first of the two.


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